Our Process

Nida Textile Mills (Ginnery)

Nida Textile Mills (Ginnery) was established in 2002 and is located at Kahama in Tanzania. The company purchases raw seed cotton from farmers and gins it into fine cotton which is then packed in bales. The cotton lint produced is one of the finest in Tanzania. The company is further engaged in oil extraction from cotton seeds, production of cotton soap and cotton seed cakes.

This mill supplies the fine ginned cotton to its associate, Namera Group of Industries in Dar es Salaam for the further production of grey fabric.

Nida Textile Mills (processing)

Spinning is the core activity through which textile production starts. Yarn is formed by twisting together the drawn out strands of fibres. Our factory has over 30,000 spindles and 800 rotors imported from Italy, Japan and China.

These units are capable of producing carded and slub yarns with a capacity of 300 tons per month of average yarn count in 100% cotton or P.C mix. The latest machinery is utilized in the blow room lines and auto cone machines to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

Machinery Overview

The rotary screen printing lines process colourful and intricate designs in both narrow and wide width.

Equipped with environment friendly singeing, bleaching, mercerizing and wider washing ranges compliments the back processes mandatory for quality dyeing and printing of up to 150,000 meters a day.

Consistency and Quality

Our dyeing lines are optimally managed to ensure color consistency and quality. The installed dyeing lines, jiggers and steam units allows us to dye fabrics in the widest imaginable and the most impressive of dye colors to ensure continuity, fastness and uniformity.

Quality Control

Nida Textile Mills considers process quality as its key differentiator. Different fabrics are quality controlled before they go to singeing, bleaching and mercerizing lines. There is a comprehensive quality control & assurance system in place to ensure process optimization and output quality.

From pre-treatment to finishing, the entire process is aimed at adding value and creating fabrics to highest level of client satisfaction and reliability while ensuring consistently optimal processing operations.


Corporate Office: Nida Textile Mills (T) Ltd, Indira Gandhi Street, P O Box 22745, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania